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Presenting Next

April 22, 2015
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Ideator, Inc.

Thomas Schutz @IdeatorInc

Ideator is an online business incubation platform where people can easily share their ideas, build a team, and launch their business. It doesn't matter where you are. If you have an idea and Internet access, Ideator can help you build a business.

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Save A Horny Friend Foundation

Valerie Kosheleff

Save A Horny Friend Foundation works to end the poaching of Africa's rhinos and elephants through funding innovative technological solutions such as UAVs to track poachers, as well as the progressive education of ivory and horn consumers in the US. Through its fun approach to a serious problem, Save A Horny Friend drives more attention and funding to this cause, with the goal of a global viral campaign that engages the participation of constituents of all ages.

Meet the Organizers

Ari Hoffman @arigobie

Architect by trade, entrepreneur by choice. Ari is the Director of Product Management at Boredroom.co and co-owner of GOBIE h2o. Diving head first into the startup community, he has found his passion in helping others succeed through story, while continuously exploiting personal growth.

Dustin Bradley @dashifi

Serial Entrepreneur, graphic designer, business development, network engineer and frequent volunteer. Currently working as CEO/CTO for the startup Dashifi.com which helps small-medium businesses aggregate all their analytics to one dashboard.

Leslie Fishlock @GeekGirlCamp

Leslie is the Founder & CEO of Geek Girl, everyone’s favorite resource for empowering women in tech, supporting startups and making technology accessible, easy to understand & use, for everyone from 8-88.  GeekGirlCamp.com

Mia Mian @1MillionCupsSAN

Mia is a recent UConn grad amped about all things startup! Working business development at Mission Partners, a local marketing consulting firm here in town. You can find her at most start up events around San Diego, don't be shy to catch her and say Hi!

Robert Conrad @CoMergeSD

Robert is the co-founder of Co-Merge Workplace where you'll find a great community of entrepreneurs, and professional space designed to work the way you work.

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With over 140 attorneys in San Diego, Del Mar and Silicon Valley, Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch LLP is one of the largest business law firms in CA.

Past Presenters

No Shame Charades


No Shame Charades is the unclassy twist to the classic party game. It's inappropriately appropriate and perfect for adults that want to have fun while being a little mischievous. There is no game like it on the market and a great deal of creativity, time, and effort has been put forth to make No Shame Charades a reality. No Shame Charades can be considered the "Cards Against Humanity" of charades.

Antengo, Inc.


Funded by strategic investors (Verizon, CEO @top 5 smartphone OEM, founder of fastest-growing payments co.), Antengo is a mobile-first marketplace to buy & sell anything with trust (verified user ID), ease, and PayPal escrow + guarantee.

Cuipo, LLC


One square meter of rainforest equals 1 monkey, 10 plants, and 100's of insects. Every second 4000 square meters are destroyed. What if there was a we could prevent that? Cuipo's Solution: Why not buy thousands of hectares and give individuals the opportunity to make a difference by saving the rainforest 1 meter at a time? Now preventing deforestation is as simple as buying a shirt, a watch or hundreds of products. Cuipo is a venture for good lifestyle brand dedicated to protecting the world’s rainforest. I



SuperHoax creates unique audio effects for Ableton Live (music production software), providing remarkable new ways to reshape sound.

Learning Threads

Coming soon.

A platform that allows users to rate and characterize learning content available on the web. More importantly, the platform allows users to create, share, characterize, and rate connections between content. The connections created, shared and rated build learning threads through the web's content.

Glutto is a niche social media platform that helps people instantly find and keep track of the best foods & drinks (eateries, recipes and items) according to their specific tastes.

Blue Tribe


We are a coastal informatics company that provides an entirely new understanding about the ocean. We can generate scientific and military-grade coastal information by crowdsourcing data from surfers wearing commercially available sports sensors. The information helps civil planners, environmental engineers, surfers, and even law enforcement and military. More importantly, however, the sophistication of our data enables new applications that were never before possible.

Bar World is a nightlife application developed to show real time information regarding specials and events at the local bars and nightclubs in the city. Venues have access to the system to upload any applicable flyers as well as send push notifications to subscribers. Users are able to view specials and events, purchase tickets, get on guestlists, claim coupons, and check in to venues to earn points towards prizes.

Neqtr, Inc.


Neqtr is a philanthropic dating app that helps people fall in love while saving the world. We do this by matching up people through cause preferences and then helping them meet at planned dates which are volunteer opportunities & charity events in their local communities.

The MomCo app is a free social networking app for moms to connect with other local moms as well as all the service providers and businesses that cater to women and children in their area. It also creates the perfect platform for these service providers to be able to list themselves where their target demographic can easily find them. Features include mom and business locator, forums, play dates, local deal and events.

The Artist Odyssey


The Artist Odyssey is a global arts network that delivers premium arts television and supports school arts programs. Our flagship show is a series of visually-rich artist interviews, featuring discussions with photographers, filmmakers, musicians, visual artists, and performing artists about their artistic inspiration and process, in a storytelling experience that puts the audience in the gallery or studio with the artist.

Kombucha on Tap


Kombucha on Tap distributes a delicious beverage which spreads wellness to a health-conscious clientele while increasing revenue for businesses and retailers. Kombucha on Tap works with five different kombucha manufacturers to sell and distribute kegs as well as bottles of kombucha to restaurants, bars, breweries, health spas, fitness studios, grocery stores, coffee shops, businesses, and to private homes and events all over San Diego, Orange County and Temecula.

Nudge Kick, Inc.


Nudge Kick is a well-being tech start-up in San Diego, CA. We recently launched the first Android app to let users block access to selected apps until their fitness goals are met. For example, a Nudge Kick user can block Facebook until they take 1,000 steps or check into their gym. Using built-in sensors or syncing with FitBit, the app tracks your progress automatically, so there’s no cheating!

The Doggie Door iPhone app provides a simple, convenient, and enjoyable way to find dog friendly places and events in the San Diego area. This innovative mobile application allows dog lovers to search and filter using multiple options. Find the perfect places, which welcome you and your best friend, and make new people friends in the process! The Doggie Door app provides an excellent tool to attract a very targeted user base and connect them with the BEST dog friendly businesses in San Diego.

Seraphim Inc


The Seraph is a drone for filming athletes doing amazing things, and is set to be the easiest consumer drone ever made. With 45 minute flight time, active object avoidance and an intuitive design, you don't have to worry about getting shaky footage. Snowboarders, skiers, surfers, mountain bikers and more can get smooth, stunning footage without worrying about their drone battery life or fetching it out of trees.

Swingby makes delivery possible from any food establishment with take-out. We empower small food businesses to reach more people at no cost and enable individuals to have broader food delivery choices. Our mission is to create a community of Swingby drivers that allows food from anywhere in San Diego to be delivered anywhere in the city.



Promot-e.com is an online marketing platform that allows retailers to access ready-to-go online marketing campaigns from all of their corporate partners in one place saving them time and making online marketing an easy, effective way to promote their products and services to local customers. They simply log in, select the promotions they like, personalize and promote via Google, Facebook, Twitter and Email. In under 5 minutes they can have their entire campaign up and running.

Undiscovered Kitchen


Undiscovered Kitchen is a digital farmers market for small batch, specialty foods. We connect people directly with small batch food companies across the country to find new and unique foods and buy local on a national scale while helping food companies reach new customers and grow their businesses.

Fandom Gaming


Fantasy sports platform for the online gaming industry.

LAMID Studios


Glia connects people with businesses based on their values. Our proprietary algorithm provides a Glia Score indicating a persons compatibility with a given business. That way we can support businesses that are like-minded and avoid those that work against our values. We each have a dealmaker and dealbreaker that will cause us to go out of our way to buy something or will stop us dead in our tracks from walking through the door of a business - Glia gives you the information to make that call.

Made for Freedom


When it comes to fashion, we enjoy our creative style - and when we encounter injustice, we desire action. Made for Freedom is part of a global movement passionately seeking a world without human trafficking. Our socially conscious customers participate in providing justice for oppressed groups of people. Made for Freedom showcases individual style through unique apparel that funds the fight against trafficking and restoration of survivors.

Most people consider a watch just a sleek way to tell time. Time is invaluable and everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, yet so few actually consider how they spend their day. This is more than just a watch; it is a way to consider your use of time. Right now all watches with leather straps have holes in them. This damages the leather and restricts the wearer to a certain number of sizing options. We’ve developed a new patent-pending buckle that allows for twice as many sizing options and a sleeker fit while keeping the leather on your watch strap fresh. Stop rocking worn out watch straps!



PlayMotion is a gesture recognition software company that enables consumers to play casual, social games on their mobile devices, connected to a big-screen TV, by simply using gestures sensed by a camera. The company's distinctive, patented and pending approach uniquely scales across mobile games and combines the popularity of casual social games and media applications, “Microsoft-Kinect" style play and the increased capabilities of smartphones and tablets.

Athlete IQ


Athlete IQ merges eCommerce with influencer marketing to create new revenue opportunities for brands and athletes, while connecting buyers to the influencers they trust. Athletes derive ongoing revenue from sales on their custom Athlete IQ channel. Buyers connect with the athletes they trust, using expert recommendations to purchase products. Brands build a measurable influencer revenue channel and run influencer campaigns.

Go Out


Find out what is happening locally- happy hours, concerts, specials, live music, sporting events, karaoke, street fairs, and much more. Look no further when making plans to go out and have a good time. As a Go Out App user you can post events for everyone to see.

Obrary, Inc.


Obrary is a pioneer in collaborative product development and digital manufacturing. We're building the Open library of Products and the software to make open design products customizable, personalized and cost effective.

Dizzle is your personal Angie's List branded to your own mobile app.



FoodTap is a mobile application that allows users to rank individual menu items at restaurants and allows first time customers at a restaurant instant access to all the highest rated menu items at that restaurant giving them an inside glimpse at to what's good and what to avoid. For restaurants, FoodTap will function as an advertising platform. Restaurant owners will pay either a monthly or an ad hoc fee for access to our user base allowing them to send coupons, discounts, and promotions.

The HABIT Story HABIT®, a San Diego based provider of domestic and select imported mid to high-end knit tops, is pleased to announce its expansion into the charitable market with its unique project; Faith. Hope. Charity.® We do the hard work so you can do the good work. Our mission is simple. We support great causes that align with our reverence for life and our respect for each other and provide the world with the finest fabrics, the most inspiring designs, and a truly comfortable product. 10 Days; $10; One really cool shirt - HABIT® donates $10.00 - yes a full $10-per shirt – a contribution that makes a substantial impact to the charity’s mission. The marketing plan is based on using the charities in-place marketing methods and adding HABIT® marketing material to it. Including scheduled email blast, news press releases, special website promotions, etc…

Kill the Cup


Kill the Cup is an innovative waste-reduction campaign for university and corporate campuses. We combine gamification, behavioral economics, and social media marketing to encourage people to reduce waste. We make reuse into a game. Users who upload photos of their reusable tumblers when they buy coffee and other beverages are entered into prize raffles. Kill the Cup makes it fun to go green! We reduce environmental impact, improve profits, & build community through college-based waste-reduction campaigns.

Blue Wave International, Inc


San Diego based Blue Wave International, Inc. is a team of dedicated engineers with the primary intent of improving the quality of indoor air in both residential and commercial settings. The team is supported by patent attorney James Cleary of Mintz Levin and Corporate attorney Bill Eigner of Procopio along with advisory board members with expertise in Science, marketing and manufacturing.



ivorEEZ is a company that is introducing a revolutionary and innovative piano "playing" method that allows anyone to play the piano without having any knowledge of music theory, without having to take a single piano lesson, and not requiring the player to devote excessive practice time.

Startup Coalition


Our organization is looking help push forward changes to San Diego's startup community by uniting startups under one voice. Who better to understand and solve the pain points of startup than the startups themselves? Our goal is unify our fragmented startup community with no-biased solutions and innovative ideas. If you're a startup, please go to our website and take our quick survey. With this information we can move forward to prove our issues to the people who can help.

Women on-the-go and those who live an active lifestyle have the opportunity to bring an active apparel invention to life through a Kickstarter. The Undress is a unique dress solution that helps active, busy women effortlessly change from one outfit to another in public without ever getting naked. Kickstarter Campaign is ready to launch within 2 weeks.



Hapzis is a geolocated free social event platform. Users can follow venues, groups, categories and get a feed for these preferences.

The world’s first smart earplugs to combine an earplugs and noise masking with wireless smartphone. Block out the world, hear what you need.

The 1:1 Movement


The 1:1 Movement creates cleaner, greener, healthier, and more vibrant communities through positive educational programs, creative campaigns, and social engagement.

Famili Friendli


A one-stop shop for families' activities and services

Digital Storage Solutions Inc


We make a micro-kiosk to backup mobile devices on to USB Flash Drives. We make it very easy to get photos & videos off of phones for a low-tech audience. In the future, our kiosk will have Facebook backup, upload/download from cloud services. We completed an in-store trial with RiteAid. Our Costco in-store trial starts 7.15. We changed our company product focus ~1 year ago (major pivot).

BumfordStudio is a design and video production company. The Rinsy is a side project that involved bringing a handmade design concept (The Rinsy) to market. The Rinsy is a redwood platform for rinsing the sand off one's feet after spending time at the beach.

Price Patrol


Price Patrol monitors the live inventories of 20 million products from 300 major retailers and 250 thousand locations nationwide. Currently offered on web, Android and iPhone; the goal of Price Patrol is to save our users money on everything they buy, no matter where they are in the country. Its very simple to use, just search for an item you want to buy, we use the geo-position and search the live inventories of local retailers. This is great for finding a product for the cheapest price in a hurry, but what about if it is a big-ticket item and you are willing to wait and search for the price to drop as they regularly fluctuate? This is where Price Patrol truly shines……simply add the product to your RADAR, when adding an item users are asked the price point you are willing to pay and the distance you are willing to travel…..we then continue to monitor all the live inventories of stores near the user and ONLY send them a push notification when we have located what they want, within the desired price point and distance. 100% User generated notifications



If you have ever dealt with requests like, “Can you send me a transparent PNG of your logo?” or “What font does your brand use?” then Brandisty is for you. Brandisty provides powerful Web-based tools that makes storing, distributing and collaborating around brands easy. By providing a central location for design and production teams to interface with marketing, PR, event planners and more, Brandisty ensures everyone involved with a brand stays in-sync.



localeikki helps people stay active wherever their travels take them--whether it be a 2 day business trip, a week-long family vacation or a drive across town. We’re developing a platform that allows individuals to coordinate their recreation and travel plans through local recommendations from like-minded folks. Our early adopter target activity is running, though we also include walking/hiking, cycling & ElliptiGO.

Clean Trails


We're a nation-wide nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping our wild places and the trails that access those spaces free of litter. We're developing a national network of trail stewards and educational programs promoting clean trail etiquette and advocacy for responsible use.

anaZana, Inc.


I would like to present you one of the tools - Z-promocode http://www.zpromocode.com (Word of Mouth eCommerce Platform), which we offer to sellers and sales agents. It allows to start e-commerce in minutes and sell online without building an online store.

Teamotions is more than a tea company - it is a revolutionary approach to emotional care and healing. After the deaths of her daughters Aubrey and Ellie in 2008, Rachel Crawford partnered with her sister Crystal Tenpenny to create the first line of teas for emotional well-being and healing. Teamotions’ line of teas was created to support the full spectrum of emotions, offering comfort and inspiration in any circumstance. By using scientifically supported adaptogens and other healing herbs in each blend, Teamotions teas help boost immunity, improve the body's response to stress, and restore well-being in every way. Used daily, Teamotions teas will make a positive difference in how you feel and transform how you care for yourself and others.

Bands on the run


The Bands on the Run (BOTR-app) is a mobile app that allows artists to share music, videos, concert dates, social media fan pages, and news directly with their fans. Our platform allows musicians to curate their best online content into the most accessible place for their fans: their mobile devices. BOTR combines a mobile app template system with a backend website that makes creating a custom mobile app extremely simple. The content providers that power the BOTR app are the most popular content sites on the web like Youtube, facebook, Soundcloud and Twitter. Social media sites like these can be overcrowded and flooded with virtual friends, pictures of pets and newborns, and everything else that can let the interaction between bands and their audience become lost or passed over. The BOTR app is the new way for bands to stay directly connected to their fans, and the fans to stay connected to their favorite bands. Musicians using the BOTR-app, distribute all their content to their fans on the biggest music retailer in the world: iTunes.

Compassion It


At COMPASSION IT, we made “compassion” a verb; our #1 goal is to inspire people around the world to consciously incorporate compassion in their daily lives and inspire others through compassionate actions.

2Dual Inc.


2dual Inc. is a social community site dedicated to helping you discover the best ways to deal with dyslexia and other cognitive issues in every day world situations.

Airbitz Inc


At Airbitz, we aim to bring bitcoin to the next billion users through amazingly simple yet feature rich applications focused on ease of use and ease of security. Our focus is to deliver software, services, and products with an amazing user experience, both visually and functionally, simplifying this advanced technology and delivering it to the masses while still retaining Bitcoin’s core principles of decentralization and privacy.

Stress Away beverages are formulate to help eliminate the negative affects of stress so that you can be happier and more productive during the DAY and improve your sleep at NIGHT



We focus on connecting disparate communications networks with a revolutionary software defined multi-protocol data+network router overlay. Koriist's software product runs on top of the world’s networks - rather than rip out and replace them - ensuring those who need remote connectivity can securely access information, regardless of underlying infrastructure.

Mark2Cure by The Su Lab


Welcome to the home page for the lab of Andrew Su. Our group works in the field of bioinformatics, applying the tools of computer science and statistics to the pursuit of biological discovery. Our lab is located at the Scripps Research Institute in sunny La Jolla, California since July 2011.

Browser plugin for CRMs that drive user adoption and activity levels by alerting users to relevant records in the CRM while they work online. Thereby reducing redundant data in the CRM and streamlining the work flow while increasing productivity.



We're building Kickstarter for individual tracks.

The PetPartner App Platform helps pet care providers increase revenue by better serving their existing clients. The platform automatically captures more customers on their website, sends reminders for better compliance, and distributes a free app to clients where they manage their pets, appointments, and communication with the business.



PitchPartner is a patent pending curated pitching platform and app that connects entrepreneurs with potential advisors, mentors, and investors.

SmartGenies, Inc.


SmartGenie is a customizable web and mobile app. It is a new tool for businesses that need a better way to communicate information about their products, services, or any other information.



BizeeBox designs and implements innovative reusable takeout container programs that empower people and organizations to reduce the waste created by disposable takeout containers.

PackSack is a San Diego based reusable bag manufacturing startup owned and operated by Lauren Cannon. For “green” shoppers who are concerned with the health of the environment, PackSack is a proprietary reusable bag that provides users with a easy to remember, sustainable alternative to paper and plastic. Unlike Chico Bag and other reusable bag manufacturers, our product is compact, is proprietary in its design and functionality, and is leading the way to a healthier, plastic free tomorrow.

TAGit™ is a social-registry for discovering, favoriting, buying or gifting products from your favorite TV Shows. When you see a product you like in the app's product streams simply TAGit™ to show you like it, or BUYit™ for yourself or one of your friends.



Learn2Earn is an enterprise solution for K-8 schools looking for a modern option to replace the product-sale fundraisers currently available. Learn2Earn unifies the purpose of schools (to educate) with the end goal of a fundraiser (to raise money). We provide an online platform that motivates reading and tracks progress, combined with a fundraiser where students receive pledges for their school from relatives and family friends based on how much they read.



FlipManager allows you to organize all your sites in one place. Use plugins with Google Analytics, YouTube, Facebook, Paypal, Twitter and many more. Manage all your accounts, usernames and passwords, and track site progress.



IT MOVES IT designs, develops and sells LEADiNiUS, a collaborative, evolutionary, multiple, all-in-one, online management vehicle. LEADiNiUS represents a user-friendly, simple, adaptable management platform for professional and consumer markets. After a launch in the niche market of superyacht management (>80'), a first version for helicopter management, we introduce a multi-asset version for luxury asset managers and family offices. Long-term goal is to bring transversal management tools into many verticals

Social Publishing House


Social Publishing House is a start-up, online-based writer’s group/publishing company. The company’s goal is to create a hybrid of the traditional publishing and self-publishing model that produces high quality books for readers while keeping the majority of the profits in the author’s pocket.



Klinq (pronounced ‘clink’) is a Social Beverage Network. Buy and Gift Drinks at places near you. Our geo-location based apps connect with friends and managers. Gifting universal Klinqs that can purchase from any klinq partner location. Based in Las Vegas, our mission is to improve the customer experience. More importantly, we allow venues to easily take control of their mobile purchasing marketplace. Our Manager Portal allows control of venue mobile stores in real-time. Set lock out periods, limits, rules, offers, notifications and pricing. Klinq innovates the sales process before, during and after the customers experience. Each purchase grows the venues network. Users are discoverable under that venue with redemption. Klinq pictures are watermarked and shared on the users social media. Managers can market with Rich-Push Messaging at any time to individual customers or targeted groups through Klinq messaging. Welcome to the world of SOCIAL PURCHASING. Become a Klinqster. Download the Free App to get started.



PubQuest is the result of people who share a passion for local craft beer and travel. Although there are several websites for identifying craft breweries and brewpubs, none puts all the places on one interactive, searchable map. PubQuest maintains the most up-to-date, accurate craft brewery database for the U.S. and Canada (currently over 4000!). PubQuest also provides custom craft beer mapping for brewers guilds, festivals/events and other individual and group adventures.

Roommatefax Inc.


Roommatefax.com is a service/subscription based website and mobile app that uses state-of-the-art technology to give an individual or company the most detailed and accurate information about a person seeking a roommate to live with or property to rent. We alleviate the pain in renting a place or in finding a roommate. Product/Service: Much in the same way popular dating sites use personality profiling as a mean



TangoTab is a mobile app working to end hunger in the local community. The app provides consumers with free restaurant offers. Each time a consumer uses an offer, TangoTab donates a meal to a person in need. To date, TangoTab has donated over 235,000 meals across the nation.

Yoooble Media Corp.


Yoooble is a mobile App that provides Live statistics about locations around you. Yoooble provides infos like the number of people inside a location, the female/male ratio and if friends of the user is inside the location. Another feature is that Yoooble shows you who else is checked in into the same location and enables live chatting inside the location. So user who don`t know each oher can connect easily. Thats Yoooble



sli.do, winner of the ETA2013 and FRESH14 Awards, is a web-based application for speakers and event organizers to easily engage their audience with live questions, comments and polls.



Ever wonder what to do and where to go while on vacation? Do you ever have a day off and want to get the most fun out of it? Well, that's where TYNIT.com can help! Tynit is a social itinerary where people can post itineraries they've created for fun and share them with the world! You can think of Tynit as a streamlined fun itinerary exchange. Tynit helps you spend more time enjoying life, rather than just thinking about it!



Doctible empowers consumers to pay a fair amount for medical bills by making health care prices transparent and providing a platform to consumers to negotiate with providers. We are the priceline of health care.

Oladas, Inc.


myLINGO is an app that allows you to watch movies at the theater in the language of your choice with your smartphone and headphones.

6 Degrees


Professional Business networking organization in the San Diego area currently. 6˚ is focused on reinventing the way executives connect and is creating a truly hybrid online/offline professional business network and plans to spread national beginning in Aug 2014.

BARR Corporate Health


Providers of on-site, year round employee wellness programs for organizations with 100+ employees

CrowdClock, Inc.


CrowdClock is a tool that enables instant appointment setting between consumers and business service providers. The appointment can occur from the businesses' website, a large CrowdClock partner portal, from CrowdClock.com, or from the slick and user intuitive CrowdClock iPhone App

MIVINCI is a robotic arm that can be controlled from anywhere in the world, from your couch at home to the jungles in Africa (if there is wifi). Our web page provides the interface that allows you to control your robotic arm and watch it move from live video feedback. MIVINCI can also be controlled manually using a Wii Nunchuck (video game controller). We are hoping that what we have learned from developing this kit will teach students about robotics and inspire them to work on other robotic projects.



Until now, it has been impractical for most civic stakeholders – citizens, media, advocacy and associations – to contribute in the deliberative process of their local government. How did we solve the problem? GovAlert notifies you any time your local government meets to work on issues you care about.

HouseCall is the app for your house. Launching in San Diego, HouseCall takes the hassle out of home maintenance by connecting you to trusted neighborhood service professionals at the push of a button. Homeowners can order everything from an electrician, emergency plumber to tech geek support. Click youtube.com/HouseCallApp to watch just how easy HouseCall makes it.



An e-learning platform to learn to make and market video content.

Portable Genomics, Inc.


Portable Genomics develops mobile software for comprehensive visualization and use of personal genomic data for informed healthcare planning and lifestyle adjustments in connection with healthcare professionals. A project that is at the convergence of biotech, wireless healthcare and digital media.

Rising Tide Partners


Rising Tide Partners is a community focused marketing & project management agency specializing in creating, implementing and promoting unique projects that solve environmental and social problems.

Girls Think Tank


Girls Think Tank's mission is to inspire, empower, and organize our community to advance basic human dignity. We view basic dignity as universal human rights, including access to basic needs and the right to be free from violence, exploitation and discrimination.

Team PJW


The Team PJW (www.TeamPJW.com) 5-Minute Pajama Workout is a program designed for people that don’t have time to workout or go to the gym on a consistent basis. It can be done at home, in your pajamas, in as little as five minutes. It is fun, easy, and provides an excellent full body workout.

Tracy's Closet


Tracy’s Closet aggregates the most valuable buyer demographic in the world. Our virtual marketplace connects women who love to shop, through their closets. We give members the ability to shop without cash, instantly, through an engaging, vibrant online experience. Members use their Closet as a Credit Line™ by posting items they have in their closets to get the clothes, shoes, and accessories that they want for themselves and their children.

Lubax, Inc.


Lubax developed a mobile medical app that provides skin image recognition, similar to facial recognition, allowing physicians and consumers world-wide to identify (ID) images of skin diseases/conditions using their existing cellphone camera and our app downloaded to the user’s phone.

IN8 Games is a game publisher of the card and board variety, focused on games with high educational value that are disguised as simply fun to play.



We sell and distribute high quality aerial video and photography through our network of certified drone pilots across the USA.



We help people buy/sell real estate without paying commissions.

Zizifus Inc


Zizifus Inc does predictive consumer analytics. Our business model is helping retailers with precision targeting: 1) Apriori knowledge of the complete basket - not just one retailers take 2) Ability to personalize deals to an anonymized customer's basket. 3) Ability to reach many customers looking at the same item in a geographic area.

AryaBall, LLC


At AryaBall, we sell a one-of-a-kind sports ball and bat that allows children and adults alike to play 4 of their favorite sports, including soccer, football, golf and baseball. There has never been anything like it on the market, and we believe this scrappy SD startup can kick a goal, score a touchdown, hit a hole-in-one and a homerun in the $300B sports equipment industry.

Yo Moments


Yo Moments is an early-stage startup creating Interactive Composite Photos for groups and events. We are an 'App' and Printing Platform that offers the existing marketplace the first self-service solution and Interactive Product. For our Users, its free to create and share Digital Composites and make ordering High-Res Prints simple and affordable...anytime.

Green Hospitality(In US)/Ecosolutions(In Latin America)


Green Hospitality Corp. is an Energy Solutions Company committed to provide our clients with an energy savings strategy that targets their specific inefficiencies. Green Hospitality brings its client’s specific solutions that optimize their use of energy resources through a variety of technologies. In California are main focus is our Ozone Laundry Project.



thePortfolium is the online portfolio platform for visually showcasing your skills and experiences. It gives the deeper look to your resume and LinkedIn and helps you stand out.

Molecular Assembly


We were in the lab that developed the first method for synthesizing DNA and as founders of what became a Fortune 1000 company, were primary in automating and commercializing that technology. That was more than 25 years ago and today that method costs too much, takes too long, is limited in the DNAs it can produce; not to mention it produces tons of toxic waste each year. Nature makes DNA efficiently and ecofriendly. We will mimic nature and truly create a new era in biotechnology.

CompeteUp, Inc.


Online sport tournament management. Very easy to setup and run a tournament. Covers all aspects of tournament management: bracketing, scheduling, and scorekeeping. Provides easy and relevant information access for athletes as well.

My Perfect Pet


My Perfect Pet is the leader in a NEW Category of pet food, Lightly Cooked-Frozen. This new category can easily outperform any dry, canned, raw or refrigerated product on the retail shelf. With the safety and convenience of a Lightly Cooked product, it is now being recommended by vets and endorsed by animal health organizations. Made with all-natural fresh whole foods and restaurant-quality ingredients (no meals, byproducts or preservatives), providing the maximum nutrition and perfect balance for pets.

Gastronome Ventures, LLC


At Gastronome Ventures, we aren’t interested in traditional investment models. Instead we focus on “high-touch” food and beverage opportunities that are either too small or too specialized for traditional investing. We intentionally focus on “Valley of Death” propositions – those often overlooked by traditional Venture Capitalists and typically too large for angel investors.



Despite the proliferation of apps and wearables that tell you how much you eat, how many miles you walk, and how many pushups you do, people are STILL gaining weight and leading more sedentary lifestyles than ever before. GOTRIbal provides makes it easier for people to begin and maintain an active lifestyle by providing them meaningful and personal curated connections to others who share similar goals, lifestyle challenges and fitness pursuits. Activebudz, Wherever you are, when you need them.

FITzee Foods


FITzee Foods makes and prepares meals daily from local, organic and all-natural products. Menus change seasonally and offer a wide variety of breakfast, lunch and dinner options to suit any diner’s preference. All products are available in four specifically portioned sizes to fit each client’s unique lifestyle. FITzee Foods offers gluten-free, vegetarian and dairy-free options in store and online.

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